Snake of the Day 02-12-18

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Snake of the Day 02-12-18

This beautiful Anery-type corn is the 2nd generation product of pairing two snakes I acquired long ago from Nancy Wimer (thank you, Nancy).  Nancy sent a beautiful adult Anery Motley and an adult Charcoal that I bred to get many Anery babies.  Breeding just about any two of them together yielded one like today's featured snake in each brood.  In addition to Snows, Aneries, Charcoals and Charcoal Aneries, there was just one each season like this one.  Also, none of the others had any pink on them.  The pink speaks for itself (surely one of the red-modifying gene mutations?), but I also suspect that this one (and her predecessors from other seasons) is both Charcoal and Anery?  Trials should reveal what she is hiding?  Bonus PIC from 08-28-15 . . . 

Snake of the Day 02-12-18

S.O.T.D. 08-28-15 pic of the only one to hatch in 2014.  This one showed very little carotenoid yellow on the anterior sides, AND appears to have Charcoal eyes.  Today's SOTD featured snake demonstrates harder contrast between iris and pupil, suggesting that it is an Anery, BUT I think both are actually Anery Charcoals, perhaps in addition to carrying one copy of the RF (RedFactor) gene mutation??  



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